“BrainVessel’s Fan-Tastic Virtual Voyage 1” & “Finding Her” Opening Reception by Arlene Figueroa

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“BrainVessel’s Fan-Tastic Virtual Voyage 1” & “Finding Her” Opening Reception by Arlene Figueroa
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08 May 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm




**Note: this page will be updated frequently as new artists are added to the show.

Mark your calendars, make some popcorn, sit back in the comfort of your own home, start a watch party on facebook, or watch and shop at www.BrainVessel.com – enjoy a creative exploration into the art that makes us BrainVessel!

Please Join us on May 8th from 7pm – 9:??pm as BrainVessel’s “FAN-tastic Virtual Voyage” sets sail on it’s First Expedition via Livestream on BrainVessel.com or Facebook Live!  **WE WILL NOT BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC**

Special Mystery Artists and So much more in store!!  Just take a look at the fine print of the poster!

AND…“Together We’ll Weather the Storm”

BrainVessel scheduled Arlene’s reception “Finding Her” to be held this weekend, prior to the pandemic.  To avoid any disruption to our gallery schedule, we have decided to stay true to the date, and bring it to you instead.  During the production we will have several breaks to interview her and discuss the work.  We are happy to have Arlene as the ‘Guest of Honor’ on our first virtual voyage!  Welcome Aboard.

Arlene is an Integrative Health & Transformational Life Coach who specializes in the art & science of self-care for self-renewal. She began to use her artistic creativity as a tool of self-care practice for enhancing self-awareness and inner connection to herself and desires. She firmly believes art can be an effective pathway for supporting our well-being.

As a Master Practitioner of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Arlene supports clients in healing the past, planning for the future, and living grounded in the now – which is the true concept of living. She provides the tools and strategies for clients to create what’s possible in their everyday lives.

Her work encompasses six key life areas that interconnect to form our overall sense of well-being. They include: Establishing a Calm Mind – Nourished Body – Restorative Rest – Vital Movement – Aligned Living – Connection in Community.

The Finding Her collection touches across each of these essentials to support our body, mind, and spirit. It was inspired from her work with soul retrieval to remember who we are, heart whispers that speak to our intuitive wise-self, and winged spirits who need a voice to drive our enthusiasms for living.

Using creativity as a spiritual practice for remembering, honoring and appreciating your wise-self within, is a way of “Finding Her” in your life.

Offerings from the collection include journal prompts to support each piece:

Inspiration for creating the highest version of you.” Let’s create what’s possible” – Arlene

Why: The highest version of you is in you already, you just need to breathe life into her and let her out. She has things to say, ideas to express, and feelings to share. Taking time to practice the art of self-care and self-kindness by listening, learning and finding Her, is a worthy cause, because the true art of self-care and self-kindness means being able to attune to your needs and desires so you can show up for the life you want to experience.

Too many women stuff down their intuitive wise self by saying they don’t have the time to listen, energy to give, or the attention to give Her life. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Because the White-Hot Truth is, the most generous AND courageous thing you can do for yourself is to take exquisite care of yourself.

When you’re nourished and showing up in your life with a high-level energy, everyone feels it and benefits- starting with you. It’s a win-win. Doesn’t that make sense?

We know self-care is the gift that keeps giving. It pays in spades time and time again.

Nourish the woman within the mom, the wife, the career, caretaker, and friend. She’ll thank you. ♥

NOTE: We will apply all social distancing rules set forth. With that said, we will need to limit the actual live demos and performances within the building and will feed remote video to create a more robust production. This will bring some challenges to organize it efficiently and effectively, given that we have never produced such an event on live video. We are also working hard to have all of the artisans work shown within the production, online and available for sale! We will offer sales and incentives to help generate sales for our artists that have no revenue stream. PLEASE SHARE!

BRAINVESSEL ARTISTS AND MUSICIANS – If you are currently displayed at, or have performed music at BrainVessel Gallery, in the past. Schedule a phone call ASAP with Doug at www.calendly.com/brainvessel/phone

SMALL BUSINESSES – If you are a business that would like to be part of our production to bring awareness to your store, please schedule a time to discuss what is required at www.calendly.com/brainvessel/phone **This will be on a first come, first serve basis – so schedule a call ASAP!!

PUBLIC – If you are just someone that wants to watch, that’s fine too…all we as is that you SHARE..SHARE..SHARE to help us get national attention and support for local artists and our small businesses.

 LARGE CORPORATIONS or Someone that has extra $$ to support local artists – We have something for you to! If you’d like to have a PAID advertisement during the production please contact Doug directly at 717-350-2306(leave a message) or email immediately at Doug@brainvessel.com

ARTIST WANTING REPRESENTATION – For those that would like to be displayed, or perform at BrainVessel – please schedule a :45 minute virtual appointment at www.calendly.com/brainvessel/portfolio
Note:: New artisans Feel free to schedule after May 8th event, as we will likely not be able to include new artists in this production, in time.

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